Infidelity Repair

An affair has been revealed in your relationship and you are both reeling from it.   Do you break up or seek support to find a path to stay together?  Is there repair after an affair?  Yes.  It takes commitment and a willingness to walk through the pain together.

Working through the Pain

Pain of hearing the impact of the betrayal on your partner, pain of hearing the shortcomings of the relationship that may have led to the affair, pain of needing to reevaluate the relationship and needing to change to find a way to stay together.

Finding a Path to Repair

I help couples navigate this pain by providing the support they need to let these explosive emotions come up and be shared in an environment where they can be productive and heard.  Through this new way of communicating, repair can start to be considered along with what is needed to feel secure in your relationship again.  How do you return to just two in the relationship and feel assured you are both committed to this path going forward?  All of this is discussed and processed in our work together.

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