Experiencing Infertility

When you are experiencing infertility as a couple, you may be asking yourself:

  • Why us?  We have jobs and are financially secure. We did everything right.
  • How do we answer everyone’s questions about when we are starting a family?
  • Why is it so easy for everyone else and everyone we know seems to be pregnant?
  • How do we talk about this together and make all these big decisions?
  • How do we support each other through something so painful?

Infertility Impacts Your Relationship

In your relationship, you may be experiencing distress. You may be on edge and fighting and arguments may be increasing. Infertility also wreaks havoc on your sex life – going from an intimate, connected part of your relationship to a total focus on outcome of pregnancy.

Infertility Takes over Your Life

Experiencing Infertility can be devastating for everyone involved. You expect to be able to get pregnant, even taking precautions to avoid it. Now, when you’re ready to be parents, infertility becomes a seemingly insurmountable obstacle – physically, emotionally and financially. Research has concluded that an infertility diagnosis is as stressful as a cancer diagnosis. Too many people are told that that if they just relax, they’ll get pregnant. Would anyone face cancer the same way?

Therapy Can Help You Manage the Pain and Repair Your Relationship

Sometimes you just need someone to listen and offer objective observations. Therapy offers this and more. Infertility causes anxiety and increases stress. I help couples improve communication to navigate the hard conversations and better support each other and learn to better take care of themselves. My husband and I experienced infertility and I know the unique pain – this informs my work with you and the tools I offer to help you find peace and relief from the pain.

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